IoT for Everyone

FeynLab Cloud is the next generation IoT Cloud platform for everyone.


All-in-one IoT Experience

All required and studied IoT scenarios in a one, easy to use platform with super-fast managed infrastructure.


Easily visualize any data with built-in graph and customization options without writing a single line of code.


Monitor, analyze or download data in a single page without any integration or programming.


Complete IoT scenario with periodic or alert type notifications by built-in triggers for your devices.

Modern & Elegant


Our infrastructure is specifically designed for IoT scenarios and offers the fastest IoT experience.

Device Support

Our platform has support for any network-capable device from Raspberry Pi to your own hardware solutions.


Visualize your data with your favorite colors and graphs without any 3rd — party platform.


Create periodic or alert type triggers with all your favorite platforms for any device any data.

Tech Stack

Our platform is built with the most cutting edge frameworks and utilizing the best possible hardware to serve the best IoT experience. 

Start Building

FeynLab IoT Cloud integrates effortlessly with all your favorite devices by offering easy-to-use libraries and documentation.
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FeynLab Sensor Shield

FeynLab Sensor Shield combines high-end components for IoT scenarios including sensors, relays and IO’s on a single board to jumpstart your IoT project.
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• 5 Device limit
• 2 Project
• Limited trigger options
• 10.000 row per device

Get Started

• 15 Device limit
• 5 Project
• Expanded trigger options
• 20.000 row per device
• Automatic Backup

Get Started

• Customizable device limit
• No project limit
• All trigger options
• Custom row per device
• Automatic backup
• Dedicated support

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• Auto account generation
• Custom row per device
• Custom device limit
• All trigger options

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